It's All About Respect - How to Win Your Ex Over

Break-ups are extremely painful for everyone involved - but the sooner you get your ex back, the sooner you will be able to get over the pain and move on with your life. In this article, you will discover simple steps that you can take today to win your ex back using a very simple yet effective counter-intuitive strategy.

A lot of people react to a break-up by begging, pleading or even trying to force their ex to come back. This is exactly the wrong thing to do! No one likes to be forced into anything - especially a relationship - while begging or pleading will only destroy whatever respect they still have for you. To win your ex back, you need to approach them in a way that is not just unexpected, but also opens an opportunity for reconciliation without costing you any respect in their eyes.

The simplest way to do it is to cut all contact with your ex. This works for men as well as women because it sends a strong message to your ex that you will not beg, plead or chase after them. In fact, it shows clearly that you're going to move on - and if your ex wants you back, they had better do something fast.

This method works in nearly all cases. By removing yourself from your ex's life, you make them truly appreciate losing you, therefore making them think twice as to whether this was the right move to begin with. By not pleading or begging them, you prove that you deserve respect - and are therefore worthy of being given another chance. For many people, how their ex reacts to a break-up is the ultimate test of the kind of person they are - and if you pass this test successfully, you will often impress your ex into at least considering giving you another go.

Provided that you handle the break-up correctly, recovering your ex will be a relatively simple proposition. All you will have to do is work your way back into your ex’s life – first as a friend and then as someone much more!

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