Winning Your Ex Back Without Blinking an Eye

Winning an ex back often feels like hard work - but it doesn't have to be. The main reason why so many people have trouble getting their love one back is because they go about it the wrong way. They pester them with flowers, or postcards, or letters - and then can't understand why their ex starts avoiding them or giving them cold shoulder treatment. In this article, you will discover a much more efficient, proven way that doesn't require you to beg, plead or bribe your ex into giving you another chance.

To begin with, simply show your ex that you're strong enough to make it on your own. We all like to think that our ex is out there, crying and withering away now that we're no longer together. But if you can show your ex that this is not the case, they will not only respect you more - they will actually start wondering whether breaking up with you was a smart move. It's a very simple counter-intuitive technique, but it has saved more relationships that you can imagine!

Put simply, instead of calling your ex over and over every day, simply pretend they don't exist and move on with your life. Hit the gym, call up some old friends or take on extra tasks at the workplace - the key is to fill your life with as many things as possible so that you really don't have time to think about your ex.

Experts call this the "No Contact" technique. It works because it relies on freaking your ex out by convincing them that you're ready to move on. When you stop calling them all the time, they're faced with the very real prospect of losing you forever - and this, in turn, always makes them ask themselves whether this is something they really want or not.

In 90% of cases, your former partner will usually decide to give your relationship another go, provided that you play your cards right. Following the simple system described in this article will set you well on your way to reconciliation and make getting your ex back almost inevitable!

TRY Ex Back System

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