What Your Ex Really Wants You to Do to Win Them Back

If you just broke up with that special someone, do not despair! In 90% of cases, relationships are recoverable - so long as you do exactly what your ex secretly wants you to do to win them back. The reason why so many people fail to win an ex back is simply because they go about it the wrong way. They send postcards, ask for another chance or just follow them around all the time - and all they really succeed in is pushing their ex even further away.

In this article, you will learn what your ex really wants you to do after the break-up. These simple steps will not only help you win them back, but also make you feel much better - no matter how bad the break-up was!

So, what is it that your ex expects? Quite simply - they want time and space. The last thing they need is a desperate ex who follows them around, begging and pleading for another chance. In short, the more you chase your ex after a break-up, the lower your chances of winning them back become. Suffocating them with your attention is not flattering – on the contrary, it is frustrating, annoying and causes your ex to stay away from you as much as possible.

Instead, give them exactly what they want - time and space. Stop writing love letters or calling them in the middle of the night. Focus on your own life instead. Hit the gym, meet old friends or get some overtime work done at the office. Fill your life with things other than your ex and learn to lead a meaningful existence without them.

This doesn't mean giving up on your ex - quite the contrary, by focusing on your life, you're actually taking a very subtle but effective step towards winning them back. When you are ready, resume contact with your ex - and enjoy their surprise when they see that you have become a much better person since the break-up! You will be someone they will be instantly attracted to - and you can use that to win them back.

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