Winning Your Ex Back in Three Simple Steps

Getting over a break-up isn’t easy – but it’s also not necessary! A lot of people give up on their ex way too easily. In reality, getting back together is much easier than you might think! All you have to do is follow these three simple steps – and reconciliation will be within reach.

First of all, you need to stop begging and pleading your ex for another chance and cut contact with them instead. This is very important – the more time you spend chasing after your ex, the more distance your ex will put between themselves and you. Being bombarded by drunk text messages and phone calls isn’t flattering – it’s downright annoying!

Secondly, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see how you can become more attractive to your ex. For example, how would they react if they saw you walking down the street sporting new clothing, a fashionable haircut and generally radiating an aura of success, confidence and vibrancy? These traits will make your ex go crazy just by taking one look at you!

When you are ready, reconnect with your ex by giving them a call and suggest meeting them for lunch. It is very important that you keep this meeting friendly, cheerful and upbeat. Your goal is not only get your ex to start talking to you again, but to also show them that they can have fun, pleasant, exciting time with you. This will make sure that next time you offer to meet up, they would be much more likely to say “yes”.

Once you and your ex are on talking terms, all you have to do is to simply escalate your friendship into something more! This is not as difficult as it sounds – if you follow the right technique, you will gradually turn your friendship into courtship – and your ex wouldn’t even know what hit them!

As you can see, bringing an ex back into your life isn’t at all difficult. The key is to exercise patience – very often, you will have to give it some time before your ex is prepared to let you walk back into their life after the break-up. However, if you’re able to exercise the necessary patience, you will quickly discover that winning an ex back is a much simpler process than many would have you believe!

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